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The North Herts Guild of Singers is a happy and successful choir which has been going strong for more than 50 years. Based in Hitchin, we are one of the best known and best supported choral groups in the area, with a reputation for high musical standards.
Our repertoire is wide, from major choral works to smaller, less familiar works, including some contemporary ones. We are able to perform alongside high quality musicians, frequently using professional orchestras. Our carefully selected soloists are a joy to sing with.

The choir has been on tour several times, although not since the Covid years - we hope to resume before too long; places we have visited include Malta, Spain, France, Germany and Belgium. We also hold occasional social events, 'Bring and Sings' and workshops.

Concert venues over the years include our regular 'base' of St Mary's Church in Hitchin, the Royal Albert Hall, the Minstrels' Gallery in Knebworth House (only some of us - we are a big choir!), Ghent Cathedral, the Lister Hospital, the Gordon Craig Theatre, St Albans Abbey and the Menin Gate at Ypres.

We are extremely lucky with our highly talented professionals, Harry Bradford and Colin Spinks. They ensure we get the very best out of our Thursday night rehearsals and that our concerts are of the highest standard possible.

We welcome new members and aim to be as inclusive as possible. Please take a look at the Join Us page if you are thinking you might like to sing with us.

Photo credits: John Chamberlain, Greg Covington, Roger Lambrette, Dave Tinney and others - thank you.

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