Who's Who in the North Herts Guild of Singers

Deborah Dean : Chairman


Deborah Dean

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Peter Todd : Concert Manager

Concert Manager

Peter Todd

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Mags Sykes : General committee duties

General committee duties

Mags Sykes

Catherine Biller : Guild Archivist

Guild Archivist

Catherine Biller

Historical information about the North Herts Guild of Singers

Christine Goodwin : Hon. Secretary

Hon. Secretary

Christine Goodwin

Any matters not specifically dealt with by other contacts

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Diane Richards : Hon. Treasurer

Hon. Treasurer

Diane Richards

Enquiries about subscriptions and payments

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Frances Chamberlain : Librarian


Frances Chamberlain

Queries about borrowing and returning music

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Pat Salmon : Membership Secretary

Membership Secretary

Pat Salmon

Enquiries about joining the North Herts Guild of Singers and notification of changes in member contact details

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Harry Bradford : Music Director

Music Director

Harry Bradford

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Judy Dunn & Jane Kirk : Newsletter Editor

Newsletter Editor

Judy Dunn & Jane Kirk

Articles and pictures to be included in the next edition of the Guild's Newsletter

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Diane Richards  : Publicity


Diane Richards

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Colin Spinks : Repetiteur


Colin Spinks

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Judith Bigley : Section Leader - Alto 1

Section Leader - Alto 1

Judith Bigley

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Phyl Carvosso : Section Leader - Alto 2

Section Leader - Alto 2

Phyl Carvosso

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Barry Goodman : Section Leader - Bass

Section Leader - Bass

Barry Goodman

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Jill Sharman : Section Leader - Soprano 1

Section Leader - Soprano 1

Jill Sharman

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Grace Gillions : Section Leader - Soprano 2

Section Leader - Soprano 2

Grace Gillions

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Richard Dean : Section Leader - Tenor

Section Leader - Tenor

Richard Dean

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Vacant : Special events

Special events


Organising workshops and other events

Rita Beasley & Helen Ilsley : Ticket Managers

Ticket Managers

Rita Beasley & Helen Ilsley

Box office for concert ticket orders and queries

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David Tinney : Vice chairman

Vice chairman

David Tinney

Grace Gillions : Website/Facebook administrator

Website/Facebook administrator

Grace Gillions

Updates, announcements etc for the Guild's website. News, photos etc for the Guild's Facebook page

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