Frequently Asked Questions

About Rehearsals and Concerts


How frequently do you hold rehearsals?

Rehearsals are held every Thursday from 7.30pm – 9.30pm during term time. For the actual term dates see the Diary in the Members Area. Each term ends with a concert and the autumn term usually includes two, one of which is always a Christmas programme.

Do I have to attend every rehearsal if I want to sing in a concert?

As a general rule we ask members to attend at least 75% of the rehearsals leading up to a concert, especially the last two before the performance; if there is any doubt, section leaders can help you decide if you are sufficiently prepared.

Can I still come to rehearsals even if I've decided not to sing in a concert?

As a member, you can attend as many or as few rehearsals as you wish because every rehearsal is an opportunity to sing and to enjoy yourself. The only exceptions are the last two rehearsals before a concert, when only those actually singing in the concert should attend.

How do I get hold of the music needed for a concert?

We normally borrow sufficient copies of the music for our members and for those who are trying us out. There is no hire charge for visitors: borrow the books from the librarian when you arrive and return them at the end of the evening. If you become a member, the cost of hiring the music is usually around £1 to £2 per concert, depending on the pieces being rehearsed.  As a member you will normally hire all the music needed for the next concert at the start of a term (or after our Autumn concert when preparing for the Christmas concert) and return it after that concert. Some members prefer to buy their own scores, especially for works which we might sing more than once.


About Membership


How much does it cost to be a member?

The current membership fee is £156 per year (August to July) and can be paid as a single payment in September or monthly payments of £13 by bank standing order.

If I decide I want to join the North Herts Guild of Singers, will my application be accepted?

As a non-auditioning choir every application for membership is welcome. However the popularity of the choir (and the consequent shortage of rehearsal space) means that we can no longer guarantee immediate membership for everyone. For the time being, we can only accept new members where there are vacancies in a particular voice part. If we have no immediate vacancies in your voice part we will let you know as soon as one arises.

Is it a problem if I cannot read music?

You will struggle if you don't have enough basic knowledge of musical notation to be able to read your voice part in a score. If you already enjoy singing, it is likely that you will be reasonably proficient at hearing and then singing back a particular note. Fortunately, there is ready access to tools on the internet that can help you in both these areas. The most notable is which provides free tuition and exercises on music theory and ear training.


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