March Concert Instructions 2018

Coptic Church Centre, Broadhall Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG2 8NP (download attached map below).

Saturday 24 March, 7.30pm

Rehearsal 2.30 pm till 4.05pm

Parking next to the Centre/Cathedral is strictly reserved for those with mobility problems. However, you may park anywhere within the gates including near the old manor and there is a car park just before the gate on the left. Please use the main doors only, not the doors near the stage, and be in the body of the church by 2.15 pm. Section leaders will then call people up to the staging. Let your section leaders know in advance if you have any particular seating needs. Bring warm clothing just in case! The rehearsal will continue after we finish, so please leave quietly.

Concert Dress Men to wear black shirts and trousers. Ladies to wear black tops with long or ¾ length sleeves, with long black skirts or trousers. Choir scarves will be worn, straight, available from Pat Salmon.

Black folders will be used (available to hire or buy the Thursday before the concert). Please carry folders so they are towards the audience.

Concert In the evening we can also use the Shepalbury Sports Academy car park. Assemble in the glass fronted Upper Room at the back of the hall. Please be ready by 7.15pm for warm up. Lead on as directed on the day. Sit when you arrive in your place. Stand when Stephen appears – our plan is to have some designated people to lead the standing.
Please take care leading in – there are many trip hazards. Remember we always have at least one first aider present, at concerts and rehearsals.
Order: Maconchy (orchestra), McDowall, Interval, Smyth
Sits and stands as arranged.

Interval It would be especially appreciated by the men if the ladies left the stage promptly. Refreshments will be available to buy in the interval. After the interval reassemble upstairs and lead on as before.

Applause Remain standing until Stephen leaves rostrum, and then sit. Applaud only when seated. Stephen may return if applause continues. Lead off at the end of the concert, when Stephen has taken his last bow.

After the concert please make sure you return your books and hired folders. It will be much appreciated by our stage team if you can stay and help clear up – many hands make light work.




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