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Spring 2014 - Apostles Flier

Spring 2014 - The Apostles

Saturday 29 March 2014 at 19:30

Coptic Orthodox Church Centre »

Edward Elgar's The Apostles

Soloist(s): - see details -

Accompanist(s): Hertfordshire Philharmonia

Conductor: Stephen Bullamore

Here are just some of the comments we have received from the audience about this concert:

"It gave me more tingles than the Proms one last year (or was it the year before?)"

"I am very familiar with Elgar's music and have attended many performances, mainly professional. To say that the quality was so high, and that it was on the level of those in so many respects, is not an exaggeration. The tremendous power of the work came to life and the venue contributed towards this."

"I was very sceptical about this work of Elgar's but have been won over"

"I was blown away by the performance. It was sensational!!!!
It was such a privilege to hear such a high quality performance of such beautiful music without travelling into London."

"I have never heard the Guild sound sweeter or more sublime."

"A wonderful, well rehearsed concert. I was a bit wary of the content, but it was awesome. The venue was perfect for the enormous sound. Everything was brilliant."

The idea for a work based on the lives of the Apostles was used by Elgar
when approached for a work for the 1903 Birmingham festival. He planned
a trilogy of oratorios - The Apostles, followed by the Kingdom and fnally the
Last Judgement but never completed this last work.

The Apostles is magnifcent in scale, containing many powerful and
innovative musical ideas. The work makes extensive use of leitmotifs,
drawing inevitable comparisons with Wagner. This, the work’s length, the
contemplative mood of sections of the work, the lesser dramatic cohesion of
the libretto and the fnancial burden of six soloists have combined to prevent
the work from gaining the status of the Dream of Gerontius but the work
deserves greater recognition.

A number of critics consider The Apostles to be the pinnacle of Elgar’s
musical achievements. The dramatic use of the shofar (an ancient Jewish
ritual trumpet) and the beauty of the mystic chorus are just two highlights
of the work. But, above all, few can fail to be moved by the final ten minutes
of the work, covering the resurrection, which must surely be one of the most
moving finales in the whole of the classical repertoire. Not to be missed.

If you would like to hear the sublime opening movement - The Prologue - please follow this link to YouTube

Emily Rowley Jones (Soprano)
Rebecca Stockland (Mezzo)
Julian Stocker (Tenor)
Julian Empett (Judas)
Stuart Young  (Jesus)
Andrew Davies (Peter)


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